Fuel Quality Programs

Many organizations lack the capability or time to prepare fuel quality programs that  establish parameters for fuel quality that comply with regulations.  While it can be said that a fuel quality program may suffice an industry standard, we incorporate provisions of the rules to strengthen compliance. GRSAC is the first consulting firm to develop reviewed Standardized Fuel Quality Programs (FQP)  that can be used by any renewable fuel production entity with exception to Renewable Natural Gas.  (Coming soon)  We can also assist in the technical writing of guidelines that are specific to the requesting entity.  

​We provide the following services:

​Due Diligence Surveys

The proprietary Risk Evaluation Survey and Compliance Tool (RESCAT) identifies all elements of the US Renewable Fuel program to include EPA -All relevant subparts, IRS-all relevant issues, EIA-All relevant reporting , and USDA -All relevant  data and criteria regardless of the party designation.  The results of this assessment will identify areas of concern, corrective actions, and financial impact to the assessed party and implications to a counter party.  This tool can be used for internal or external compliance assessments, routine internal auditing and counter-party assessments. 

Market and Feasibility Studies

GRSAC with the assistance of its service providers can provide Market and Feasibility studies for interested parties.  Our studies include a comprehensive look at the US industry and provide high-level intelligence that is verifiable and quantifiable.  In 2014, we provided the most comprehensive look under contract for a Global Fortune 100 firm.  As a result, GRSAC developed the first comprehensive analysis that can capture near-term and historical data and then apply known variables to complete a 5 year and 10-year projection and ROI on a monthly basis.   This product was regarded as invaluable to our previous client.  This is a project fee basis and assessed based on the scope of work and change orders. 

Detailed  Industry Related White  and Discussion Papers

These Papers will contain detailed information that provide concise references and associated actions surrounding the topic to ensure compliance.   These documents are restricted to RFS registered producers only and specifically issued to the Responsible Corporate Officer or Authorized Delegate. See Products for fees.

Global Renewable Strategies and Consulting, LLC.

Compliance on Call

This program provides a party with budget constraints an opportunity to have high caliber access to compliance help at the tip of a phone call or email.  Secondly, there are times when a party would want to sound their opinions confidentially for secondary assurances. This service starts at a minimum monthly  of 2 hours rating at $125.00 per hour ($250.00) for running companies and 4 hour ratings ($500) for start-ups for a one year period.  Normally, this is the average for any party to get reliable information that will enable them to conduct business.  However, if there are extenuating issues, then the program evolves to into  the lower hourly rate of $100 per hour until an issue is resolved.   This service also provides the party access to all documents on our products page at 25% discount. This is not a legal advice service and if at any time we deem a legal opinion is needed, we defer you to competent counsel right away.  It is our goal to keep your budget in mind and work quickly and efficiently.

Registration Project Management

This service provides either an existing facility and or a new facility oversight with the registration processes for regulatory agencies.  We also act as the liason  with all third parties and regulatory agencies during this process.   Fee is bid per project .

Renewable Biomass Conformance

The Feedstock Conformance Protocol (FCP) is a program that uses proprietary and patent pending methods that forensically refute or approve a renewable biomass material  for use to produce a renewable fuel.  While this program is focused on Biomass Based Diesels, it is exploring the expansion  to meet the rigors and needs for the Ethanol Industry.  This program will provide a comprehensive compliance report that will provide the burden of proof required in the event an allegation is made that a material is non-conforming. This is priced based upon scope of work but typically runs $9200.00 for 2015.

Credit Market Assessment Tools

GRSAC developed two new tools for assessing market conditions with trading indicators for all US Credit systems.   The new tools are excel based and can be easily maintained by the end user at any desired frequency.