2018 News Q-1

GRSAC is selected as a North American representative to Cemicci Novel Smart Catalyst biodiesel production systems and begins an introduction to select biodiesel producers.

Initiation of three new GHG lifecycle updates for biodiesel production facilities.

Development of RIN data tracking with key indicators that track Relative Strength (RSI), MACD and Bollinger signals that enhance Buy Sell or Hold conditions. Early models are out for review to select GRSAC clients.

Development of a similar tool for Low Carbon Fuel Standard.


2017 Highlights.

Completion of 2 USDA feasibilities studies for second generation biodiesel production facilities that resulted in the ultimate selection for section 9003 program.

Completion of 3 GHG lifecycle analysis profiles for LCFS and CFP program.

Successfully introduces alternate process energy and modeling to the CARB LCFS program.

California Air Board

Global Renewable Strategies and Consulting, LLC.

EIA Weekly Petroleum 

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