Market Analysis and Feasibility

Since 2012, Sustainable Energy Strategies, Inc, has been relied upon for assistance in Market and Feasibility analysis. This firm also provides technical assistance for many energy programs and grant writing. Click here to learn more. 

Since 2013, Legacy Scientific LLC  provides technical assistance for all GHG and Lifecyle analysis for our Low Carbon Fuel Standard registry and renewal Programs.

Since 2012, E3 Energy Partners provides all engineering services for facility registrations, renewals, process updates, and detailed programs such as process safety management and process hazard analysis.  They are a full service Chemical and Process engineering firm with over 25 years experience in advance technologies in several large industries. Click here to learn more. 

Since 2012, Gorge Analytical, LLC  provides all laboratory testing for all GRSAC programs.  They are co inventors of the Feedstock Conformance Protocol developed by our firm.   They are a full service analytical lab that provides competitive services that certify renewable biomass and renewable fuels.  Click here to learn more. 

Third Party Service Providers

Our Selection of Third Party Service Providers is deliberate and concise because the Industry demands experienced professionals to ensure our program success.   GRSAC considers this list as trusted providers for that reason.

​Forensic Lab Analysis and Certifications

Life Cycle Analysis and Carbon Intensity

Engineering Services

Global Renewable Strategies And Consulting, Llc Compliance

Global Renewable Strategies and Consulting, LLC.